Maintaining Weight Loss with Physician’s Support

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While you might think that the challenging part of weight loss is taking the weight off, many people actually find it more difficult to keep the weight off once they have reached their goals. Maintaining a healthy weight is integral to managing good health, but you might run into hurdles with weight management when you are not actively trying to shed excess pounds. To avoid the trap of yo-yo dieting that will damage your health over time, take the medically supervised approach to weight loss with LeanMD in the East Bay Area. Each of our locations offers proven weight loss programs with a multi-phase process that includes transitional and maintenance phases for sustainable weight loss.

What Happens When You Reach Your Goal?

Losing weight is only the first step of the program. From here, you will learn strategies for staying at your goal weight through our transition to success, which will help you plan meals, stay active, and build a consistent routine for ongoing success. This transitional phase will help protect you from immediate weight gain, which is common with other weight loss program.

How Can Our Program Help You Avoid Future Weight Gain?

Once you have made it through the first two phases of our program, you will enter the sustainable loss period, which is designed to help you make your goal weight your permanent weight. This phase still includes monitoring and ongoing education that will keep you accountable and ensure that you are making the best choices for your health.

  • Remote Weight Monitoring – Our virtual weight monitoring with a remote e-scale can let you continue reporting your weight to our team so that you are able to address any weight gain before it gets out of control. If you do begin to gain weight, we will help you offset these extra pounds with our Rapid Rebalance bonus program.
  • Monthly Check-Ins – At your goal weight, you will still have monthly visits with your LeanMD Mentor to ensure that you are staying on track and utilizing the right strategies for tackling tough situations like holidays, vacations, and social gatherings where overindulgences are common.
  • Continued Nutritional Education – You can keep your diet fresh and exciting with new recipes and nutritional education that will prevent you from getting bored and returning to old habits that will cause you to see a relapse in your hard-earned progress.

To see the difference that LeanMD can make for your weight loss and long-term maintenance, contact us today. We can help you see success where other programs have failed, so don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation with us in one of several northern California locations.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.