Making Healthy Choices While Grocery Shopping

When you want to lose weight, grocery shopping can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With an overwhelming number of choices available, it can be hard to make the right selections for safe weight loss. One of the reasons we have an effective weight loss program in San Ramon, California is because we help you learn to eat real, natural foods that are good for your health and that support your efforts to lose weight, so smart grocery shopping is a key part of your success. Your LeanMD Care Team will help you learn to shop with confidence.

Make a List

Don’t go to the grocery store without a clear idea of what you need to buy. Check your supplies before you go and review the recipes you hope to make to see if you need any specialty ingredients. When you get to the store, buy only the items on your list. Few off-list temptations are foods that fit into a weight loss plan, so if you know you’re only getting the items on your list, you won’t be distracted by the sale on your favorite cookies. As an added bonus, sticking to your list can help you save a surprising amount of money.

Think About Portion Sizes

Sometimes, the portions of the foods you buy are larger than you need, and that could lead you to overeat. For instance, blocks of cheese and full-size hummus containers make it easy for you to eat more than you want to in one sitting. Consider buying items that are proportioned, such as string cheese or single-serving hummus cups. Although they could be a little more expensive, having the measuring done for you will make it much easier to stick to your eating plan.

Choose the Healthiest Versions

When you’re picking your foods, pick the healthiest versions of the things you like. Choose low-fat dairy, foods without added sugars, skinless chicken, and lean meats. Having the healthiest kind of food available in your cupboards will make it easier to make meals that fall into your weight loss plan.

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