Starting a Weightlifting Routine to Maintain Your Healthy Weight

For healthy weight loss, nothing can serve as a substitute for a nutritious, low-calorie meal plan. The number of calories you consume has a more substantial impact than the number you burn, since exercise doesn’t actually burn that many calories. Mindful eating is also necessary for weight maintenance, but exercise plays a slightly larger role among San Ramon, CA residents who want to keep the weight off. Weightlifting is beneficial because it increases lean muscle mass, which maintains or increases your resting metabolic rate. Plus, it’s essential for overall health. weight - lifting

Getting Started

When done incorrectly, weightlifting exercises can potentially cause injuries. Consider splurging on a few sessions with a professional fitness trainer to learn how to do the moves with the right techniques. As with aerobic exercise, you should warm up and stretch your muscles before working them.

Taking Your Time

One common mistake made by beginners is rushing through the workout. Unlike aerobic exercise, which is supposed to be done quickly, weightlifting is more effective and far safer when it’s slowed down a bit. Remind yourself that if you can’t execute an exercise slowly, then you can’t do it quickly, either. Build a foundation of basic techniques before trying any advanced exercises.

Working the Muscle Groups

You’ve probably heard workout enthusiasts talk about “leg day” and “arm day.” Soon, you will be, too. It’s recommended that you work all of the muscle groups, but not all at once. Ideally, aim for three strength training workouts per week and work different body parts during each of them. One reason to alternate muscle groups is that lifting weights literally breaks down the muscle fibers. They need rest to build themselves back up again.

Finding Your Ideal Exercises

As you become more familiar with the equipment in the strength training part of the gym, you’ll likely develop an affinity for some exercises and an aversion to others. This is fine, as long as you do a mix of exercises that work all the muscle groups. Your ideal weightlifting program consists of well-balanced exercises that you’ll enjoy doing. If you’re having trouble finding a great arm workout, consider joining a class or asking a fitness trainer to show you the ropes on different equipment.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.