Is Impulse Buying Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Parents dread going to the supermarket with young kids because the shopping cart acquires an astounding ability to fill up way too fast. But sugar-loving kids aren’t the only ones who are guilty of impulsive behavior in the cookie aisle. When you’re trying to lose weight, planning your shopping trip in advance is essential. A weight loss consultant in Boulder can provide delicious recipes and pre-made shopping lists to help you curb calorie-laden impulse buys. impulse - buying

Identify the reasons why you make impulsive purchases.

Perhaps the most common reason for splurging on chocolate muffins or chips is shopping while hungry. It’s a well-known fact that navigating the supermarket aisles while hungry is not a good idea, but people do it anyway because they’re rushing from one errand to the next and there’s no time for lunch. Another common reason for impulse buys is a sale. If frozen pizza is on sale for two for $10, you’ll probably buy two instead of one or none. You might reason that someone else in the family would enjoy a particular item. But if there is junk food in your house, you’ll likely be tempted to indulge a little.

Stop shopping while hungry.

Now that you’ve identified why you typically buy sugary or fattening items, you can use easy strategies to stop it. Support your weight loss by keeping healthy snacks in your car, such as unsalted nuts, sunflower seeds, or whole grain crackers. Or, tuck an apple into your handbag before you leave to run errands.

Allow yourself one impulse buy per trip.

Medically supervised weight loss programs encourage participants to develop a healthy relationship with food. It isn’t healthy, or necessary, to deprive yourself of delicious foods. Similarly, dieting doesn’t mean you can’t make any impulse buys. By allotting yourself one healthy impulse buy per trip, you’ll find it easier to bypass the candy aisle. Have a few standbys in mind, such as low-fat string cheese or reduced-sugar chocolate soy milk.

Pay the cashier in cash.

Impulse buys will bloat your budget. Using a credit card will get you out of the store without the embarrassment of having to put a few items back, but this also facilitates impulsive purchases that aren’t healthy for your family. Instead, only bring cash to the store, and add up your purchases as you place them in the cart. You’ll get better at mental math, and your waistline will thank you.

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