Taming Your Hunger

When most people start a weight loss program, they have one concern: hunger. Fortunately, it is possible to both achieve rapid weight loss in San Ramon, California and keep a lid on your hunger. Learning to how to take control of your hunger will make losing weight and keeping it off easier than ever before.

The first thing to know about hunger is that it is not always a signal that your body needs food. Keep a journal to track when you feel hungry and what else was going on at the time. You may be responding to cues that have little to do with having too few calories, like stress or boredom. Hunger can also be your body’s way of telling you it needs something else, like water or sleep. If you can identify habits, such as drinking too much coffee, that are linked with bouts of hunger, you can stop the behaviors that leave you feeling famished. Lastly, recognize that being hungry isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you follow your weight loss plan carefully, your body will have an adequate amount of calories. Practice ignoring the signs of hunger for a period of time before giving in, so your body doesn’t expect to be fed every time your stomach growls.

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