The Many Disadvantages of Prepackaged Diet Meals

So many weight loss programs available in San Ramon and nationwide require dieters to purchase meal products from the company. At first blush, this might seem like a quick and easy way to achieve one’s weight loss goals, but there are significant disadvantages to this approach. First, eating prepackaged diet meals for weight loss is not as satisfying to the palate compared to eating real food. This means that there is greater temptation to stray from the program and overindulge in junk food. Furthermore, prepackaged diet meals, bars, and shakes are sold “as is;” they aren’t customizable to the individual dieter’s unique nutritional needs and preferences.

Another major disadvantage of prepackaged diet meals is that they do not lend themselves to long-term weight loss success. It doesn’t take much thought or planning to grab a meal replacement bar, so participants never learn how to plan healthy meals and estimate proper portion sizes. When these individuals go off the diet program, many of them simply resume their unhealthy eating habits.

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