Is Junk Food Really Addictive?

When real, fresh foods take center stage in your meal plan, losing weight will come naturally. But it’s often hard for people to give up junk food even after joining a weight loss program in San Ramon. One possible reason for this is that research suggests sweet and fatty foods may have addictive properties. Watch this video to find out more.

This science expert discusses a study conducted on rats. It found that rats who were allowed to eat sugary and fatty foods would then go to considerable lengths to obtain more of these foods, even if they had to subject themselves to electric shocks. Scientists have found that junk food induces chemical alterations in the brain that can lead to cravings for more junk food. This certainly doesn’t lend itself to rapid weight loss, but it is indeed possible to break the junk food habit with help from a doctor and a personalized weight loss program.

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