How to Ease Away from Emotional Eating

When you are trying to lose weight, emotional eating can be one of your biggest enemies. Eating when you’re not hungry will take a toll on your waistline and make it difficult to follow your weight loss plan. If you want to lose weight and tackle your emotional eating, you will first need a healthy weight loss plan that gives your body the nutrients it needs to feel full and satisfied. As you start a weight loss program in San Ramon, keep these other tips in mind for keeping emotional eating at bay. emotional - eating

Listen to Hunger Cues

Emotional eating is not the same thing as eating to satisfy your hunger. Listen to your body, and when it tells you it needs food, fuel it with healthy, nourishing choices. If you’re thinking about eating something, pause and consider why you are reaching for food. If it isn’t because you are actually hungry, then try to pinpoint what you really do need. Maybe your body needs some rest or a break for a walk around the block to clear your head instead of a snack. Feed your body only when it is hungry, and resist grabbing something to eat when you’re not.

Know Your Triggers

If you find yourself reaching for food for comfort, determine what triggers you and what you can do differently when the situation arises again. For instance, if you know that getting ready for a big meeting stresses you out and causes you to make poor food choices, then try giving yourself more time for meeting preparation or scheduling something to look forward to, like a massage, to break up your work demands. When you know what triggers you to comfort eat, then you can learn to control these triggers and achieve the weight loss you want.

Feel the Emotion

Often, emotional eating is a way to distract yourself from feeling a certain way, whether it is stress, anger, or sadness. Instead of trying to mask your emotions, let yourself feel and confront them. Determine what is causing your emotion and what you can do to deal with the situation that is causing it. Using food to numb your feelings will only make you feel worse, because it will sabotage your weight loss goals.

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