Getting Through a Sugar Craving

If sugar cravings have derailed your efforts at weight loss in the past, it’s time to finally kick the sugar habit for good. Just like breaking any other bad habit, eliminating added sugar from your diet is most difficult in the beginning. Once you get through the initial few days of eating only fresh, healthy foods, you’ll find that your sugar cravings become progressively less frequent. Joining a medically supervised weight loss program in San Ramon will help you get your meal plan on track. sugar - craving

Analytical Thinking

One reason why losing weight can be so challenging is that many people use comfort foods to cope with stress and other emotional roadblocks. When a sugar craving strikes, take a few minutes to evaluate your state of mind before giving in to your craving. Are you craving sugar because you’re fatigued or bored? Perhaps you just received some unwelcome news. Or maybe you’re tempted to eat a cupcake because all of your coworkers are indulging to celebrate a birthday. Analyzing the reasons for your cravings, which aren’t necessarily born of true hunger, can help you resist temptation.

Change of Scenery

If thinking analytically isn’t helping you, try getting a change of scenery. Enjoy your lunch outside instead of in the break room where the cupcakes are located. Find a task that keeps you busy and away from the sugary snacks. Distracting yourself can also be effective for calming down a sugar craving.

Physical Activity

If you’re craving sugar because you’re tired or bored, try exercising instead. Not only will it help you reach your weight loss goals faster, but you’ll be reminded of just how much work it would take to burn off that sugary treat. Exercise is also a healthy way to boost your energy levels.

Meal Planning

Sugar cravings sometimes arise because of a sudden drop in energy. If you’re running late in the morning and you grab a pastry at the coffee shop instead of making a nutritious breakfast, you’ll feel the effects of a sugar crash in a few hours. Planning fresh, healthy meals is an effective way to keep your energy levels stabilized and curb sugar cravings before they start.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.