A Look at the Healthy Habits of People Who Maintain Their Weight Loss

When you lose weight and reach your goal, the most challenging part begins: maintaining your weight loss. Weight maintenance requires a different approach than losing weight, but even if you have failed in the past, it is possible to keep weight off in the long term. One important tool to have is the advice and support of a medical weight loss team in San Ramon, California, to help you develop healthy strategies. Here are some of the habits that people who have been successful at maintaining weight loss live by. maintaining - weightloss

Minimizing the Transition

One thing that set many dieters up to regain weight is that they see weight loss as something with a specific end time. When they reach their goal weights, their diet is over and they stop following their plan. It is easier to maintain a weight loss where there is little perceptible difference between how you eat normally and how you eat when you are trying to lose weight. For many people, this means that they were set up for failure before they even started to lose weight by choosing a diet that isn’t realistic in the long term. Cutting out entire food groups, only consuming liquids, or only eating one kind of food isn’t something anyone can do for life. These strategies may help you lose weight, but they won’t help you keep it off for good.

Getting Enough Sleep

Researchers have come to understand the role that sleep plays in maintaining a healthy weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, the hormones that regulate appetite and satiety become unbalanced, and you begin to crave more carb-heavy, fat-heavy, and sugar-heavy foods. People who are sleep-deprived are also awake longer to eat more and rely on food as fuel to keep going. Adequate rest is an important part of weight loss and maintenance.

Monitoring Progress

It is easy to gain a small amount of weight without really noticing, and that small amount can quickly turn into a larger gain. When you are maintaining your weight loss, weighing yourself regularly will alert you to small increases, so you can take steps to stop gaining before it becomes a bigger issue.

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