The Problems with Crash Dieting

The Problems with Crash Dieting

If you’re looking for sustainable weight loss in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Manteca, or Brentwood, it’s important to understand the problems with crash dieting. Crash diets are restrictive weight loss plans that typically involve cutting calories to as low as 1,000 per day and sometimes even less. These diets make fast weight loss claims that draw followers due to their quick-fix nature.

Illusion of Fat Loss

Severely restricting calories sends your body into starvation mode. The suddenly reduced calorie intake is a shock to the body and often causes it to lose weight initially, and many people see results in as little as a few days. These results, however, are not caused by fat loss alone. Calorie restriction causes the body to completely drain its glycogen stores, and the process of using these carbohydrates for fuel causes water loss. The result is what appears to be a significant amount of fat loss in a short period.

Lack of Nutrition

Crash dieting cuts calorie intake, which means that without supplementation, dieters ingest fewer essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients as well. When restrictive diets are maintained long-term or used frequently, nutritional deficiencies can develop and lead your body to leech the minerals it needs from your bones, leaving them weaker and vulnerable to fractures and osteoporosis. Similarly, when you get too little iron from your food, this can cause your body to pull it from your blood, potentially leading to anemia, weakness, fatigue, headaches, and other health issues.

Short-Term Results

Crash dieting deprives the body of its nutritional needs for extended periods, forcing its system into starvation mode to conserve what nutrients it does receive. The crash dieting process is commonly characterized by weight loss that’s followed by a plateau period and even weight gain. After finishing the diet cycle, most people’s results fade and they regain the lost pounds along with added weight, and crash dieters are often in a cycle of weight loss and gain that can be physically and emotionally challenging. Avoid the pitfalls of crash dieting by opting for weight loss programs that promote sustainable weight loss.

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