Defining a Healthy Body Composition

Defining a Healthy Body Composition

When it comes to losing weight, the number on the scale is not all that matters. Your body composition tells much more about your overall health and fitness, and following it should be part of your weight loss plan. With our medically supervised weight loss programs in San Ramon, California, you’ll get everything you need not just to move the number of the scale but also to build a healthy body.

What is body composition?

Body composition refers to the percent of fat you have in your body versus fat-free mass, which consists of muscles, bones, and water. These amounts are expressed as a ratio, and for the best health benefits, you should have more fat-free mass than fat. It’s important to note that having a healthy body composition isn’t tied exclusively to weight. Many people who have body weights in their target range, and even many people who are underweight, can still have unhealthy body mass composition.

How is body composition measured?

An easy and accurate way to determine body composition is a skinfold measurement. During this assessment, a trained person will measure folds of skin in seven different places in your body. These measurements help them determine your body composition. Another method involves the use of a chamber called the BOD POD. You enter the chamber, and air displacement is measured to determine your body composition. Both methods are considered to be reliable and can provide you with important information about the composition of your body.

How can I improve my body composition?

If you find out that your body composition could use some improvement, there are several things you can do. The best way to make changes is to increase your physical activity. Adding 30 minutes of moderate physical activity to your day can help you increase your fat-free mass levels as you build muscle. Eating a healthy diet sustains these activities. By combining diet and exercise, you can achieve a more desirable body composition.

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