Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Weight Loss Goals

When you start a weight loss plan, getting your family’s support can be part of your recipe for success. Sometimes, families can be wary when a loved one embarks on a healthy weight loss plan in San Ramon, usually because they are afraid of how it may impact their lives. However, having your family on your side can be extremely helpful, so talking to them about your goals can help. Here are some strategies for starting a conversation about your weight loss plan with your family. weight - loss

Be Clear About Your Needs

Even if your family wants to be supportive of your weight loss goals, they may not really know the best ways to help. For instance, if watching your kids eat cookies after school is too tempting, tell them you want them to eat them in another room. If your spouse brings home high-calorie treats, tell him or her a few surprises you would prefer instead. Families can be resistant to changing their own eating habits because of your diet, but in most cases, they are willing to adjust how and when they eat certain things to make it easier for you to stick to your plan.

Try Recipe Makeovers

If your family’s favorite meals aren’t part of your diet plan, but they don’t want to try new things and you don’t want to cook two meals, try making over some favorite recipes. Your family may not even notice if you cut the fat or reduce the sugar in their favorite meals, and you can keep the peace at dinnertime without sabotaging your diet. Remember to practice portion control when cooking a higher-calorie meal to stay within your weight loss program.

Focus on Health

Regardless of whether other family members could benefit from weight loss, focus on the health aspect of your diet. Talk to your family about why you want to lose weight for your health and things you can all do together to be healthier. Consider choosing one activity the family can do each week, such as a hike or bike ride, that helps you all aim for a healthier life together.
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