Do Activity Trackers Help People Lose More Weight?

Activity trackers have become an enormously popular way to monitor physical activity—and, for many people, to try to lose weight. Although it seems as though using an activity tracker would encourage people to exercise more and count calories more diligently, thereby leading to weight loss, is it really true? If you are starting a weight loss program in San Ramon, you may be surprised to learn how your activity tracker figures into the overall picture.

The first long-term study into activity trackers delivered surprising results: People using activity trackers lost less weight than people who dieted and exercise without them. They were less active than the control group as well. Researchers are now trying to understand why activity trackers had an opposite effect on this group of dieters.

When you are trying to achieve healthy weight loss, activity is an important part of reaching your goal. However, working with a medical weight loss team and changing your eating habits can be even more important. Your activity tracker can be a tool in your weight loss journey but not the key to your success.

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