Blog Posts in November, 2016

LeanMD: The Right Choice for You

Have you tried fad diets and weight loss programs in the past, only to see the pounds quickly pile back on? It’s time for a better approach. LeanMD is a science-based weight loss program ...
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Eating Well During the Holidays

After the holidays are over, many people find that they’ve gained a few pounds. Fortunately, holiday weight gain is not inevitable. Weight maintenance specialists in San Diego can help you plan ...
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Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Weight Loss Goals

When you start a weight loss plan, getting your family’s support can be part of your recipe for success. Sometimes, families can be wary when a loved one embarks on a healthy weight loss plan in ...
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Do Activity Trackers Help People Lose More Weight?

Activity trackers have become an enormously popular way to monitor physical activity—and, for many people, to try to lose weight. Although it seems as though using an activity tracker would ...
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