Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Many dieters focus on reaching their target weight to the exclusion of planning for weight maintenance. Yet, losing weight successfully is only part of the equation for improving one’s wellness. Unless dieters also follow a weight maintenance program to avoid post-diet weight gain, there is a strong possibility that they’ll drift away from their target weight range. When choosing a program to lose weight in California, be sure to look for one that offers weight maintenance support. lose - weight

Medical Consultation

Losing the weight and keeping it off for good requires a strong foundation of support. An ideal program will include a consultation with a medical provider. You can expect to undergo a body composition analysis and evaluation of your current physiology. Then, you’ll be given all the guidance and support you need to adhere to your personalized meal plan recommendations.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Reaching your goal weight doesn’t have to require gimmicky diet plans or deprivation. Focus on consuming fresh, whole foods without worrying about counting calories. Consuming real foods rather than diet foods will allow you to practice healthy eating strategies in the real world right from the start. Because of this, you’ll find it much easier to keep the weight off when you transition from weight loss to weight maintenance.

Long-Term Weight Maintenance

When you reach your target weight range, your medical provider will help you transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. During this transitional period, it’s vital to keep in close contact with your medical provider, since many people find that weight maintenance is actually more challenging than active weight loss. To help you stay on track, your program should offer monthly check-ins with your meal planning mentor, who can help you strategize ways of overcoming potential eating problems associated with holidays and family get-togethers. You’ll continue with your nutrition education to get access to new recipes to add to your repertoire. This prevents meal boredom and will help you stay on track with your weight maintenance. For effective weight maintenance, it’s also important to weigh yourself regularly. Daily fluctuations are nothing to be concerned about, since these are generally due to changes in water weight. However, tracking your weight regularly will allow you to identify upward trends over time, which will let you get back on track quickly.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.