Tips for Getting Exercise Without a Gym Membership

With access to personal trainers, fitness groups, saunas, and even juice bars, membership at a gym definitely has its perks. However, gym memberships aren’t for everyone. Perhaps you’re too busy to get over to the gym or there is a lack of affordable gyms in your area. Regardless of what your dilemma is, it is certainly possible to work physical activity into your effective weight loss program in California without purchasing a pricey membership. In addition to following weight loss meal plans, you can support healthy weight loss by working out at home or in your neighborhood. Exercising with no gym membership

Developing an Exercise Structure

You can change your exercise routine every day if you prefer variety. However, make sure that you always include warm-up and cool-down periods, such as stretching followed by a brisk walk. You could also try some yoga poses to increase your flexibility. Weight loss experts recommend getting in some cardiovascular exercise on most days of the week and strength training exercises about two to three times per week.

Exercising Without Equipment

It isn’t necessary to purchase exercise equipment to complement your effective weight loss program. Assuming that you already have appropriate footwear, taking a brisk walk or doing some light jogging will fulfill the cardiovascular component of your exercise program. For an indoor workout, do some jumping jacks, try some kickboxing moves, or play your favorite music and dance. If your home has stairs, you can walk briskly or jog up and down them. Your own body weight can help you with strength training without the need for dumbbells. Try doing planks, squats, and lunges.

Working Out With Minimal Equipment

If you do have access to some exercise equipment in your home or you plan to purchase some, consider choosing resistance bands and an exercise ball, both of which can engage practically every part of your body. Use the exercise ball to do wall squats, roll outs, standing planks, and triceps dips. You might also purchase some workout DVDs that interest you or you might consider looking for a secondhand stationary bike.

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