The Surprising Ways that Yoga Can Support Weight Maintenance

Effective weight maintenance programs in San Diego, CA, recognize that food choices are the most important factor for keeping the pounds off-and losing them in the first place. However, exercise can certainly support your weight maintenance plan and it offers significant benefits for your overall health. Talk to your weight maintenance mentor about starting or changing your physical activity plan. He or she may recommend that you start taking a yoga class because it offers some hidden benefits for keeping your weight in check. Yoga - Time

Yoga improves body awareness.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, you might be skeptical about whether it can actually assist with weight maintenance, let alone weight loss. The average yoga session might not even cause you to break a sweat. But if you faithfully attend classes and practice the moves at home, you’ll likely notice that you have begun to develop greater mind-body awareness. Yoga is sometimes described as a form of moving meditation. It strengthens a person’s awareness of body positions, strengths, and weaknesses, and it nurtures a positive attitude toward healthier lifestyles. In doing so, yoga can encourage practitioners to make choices that benefit the body.

Yoga manages the stress response.

Stress is a major contributor to overweight and obesity in the U.S. In fact, it has both direct and indirect effects on one’s weight. The stress response involves imbalanced hormones such as elevated levels of cortisol. When these “stress hormones” are constantly elevated, the body is encouraged to store more fat, particularly around the midsection. Indirectly, stress can compromise your weight maintenance goals because you might start making unhealthy choices to cope with your stressors. You might decide to cheer yourself up with ice cream sundaes, heavy casseroles, or fast food, for instance. Yoga can address all of these problems because it helps practitioners manage the stress response and regulate hormones.

Yoga encourages self-compassion.

Have you ever noticed how yoga devotees seem to radiate an inner peace? The careful guidance of the instructor and the yoga moves themselves encourage self-compassion. People who allow compassion into their lives are less likely to harangue themselves when they have a dietary slip-up and they’re less likely to obsess about their weight. The end result is a positive attitude toward healthy living.

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