Common Problems with Fad Diets for Rapid Weight Loss

Lifestyle - ChangeThe Cabbage Soup Diet, the Dukan Diet, and the Baby Food Diet are just a few of the many fad diets that seem to gain popularity every now and then. Fad diets are easy to spot; just look for unrealistic claims, severe restrictions, and silly assertions that are not based in scientific fact, such as warnings about combining certain foods. Fad diets promise rapid weight loss, but even if participants do achieve weight loss, it comes at a cost to their health. Instead, look for an effective weight loss program in San Diego, CA, that is supervised by medical providers, proposes reasonable plans, and provides ongoing support.

Severe restrictions equal health problems.

It’s common for fad diets to include severe restrictions on what participants can eat. In many cases, the company requires the participants to purchase special diet foods or liquid meal replacements directly from the company. But replacing meals with liquids and restricting the variety of foods you eat is not a healthy approach to weight loss. Some fad diets even eliminate whole food groups, such as carbohydrates. The elimination of an entire food group and other severe restrictions places dieters at risk of malnutrition. The body needs balanced food consumption every day to function properly. Healthy fats, for instance, assist with hormone production and nutrient transportation. Complex carbohydrates are the main fuel source for both body and brain. In addition to malnutrition, fad dieters are at a higher risk of dehydration, constipation, weakness, fatigue, headaches, and nausea, among other health problems.

Rapid weight loss is not sustainable.

Another major problem with fad diets is their lack of sustainability. It just isn’t practical to consume nothing but cabbage soup or grapefruit, or to subsist on liquid meal replacements. Many dieters promise themselves that they’ll just use a fad diet to drop the initial few pounds, followed by a transition to a healthier lifestyle. But after starving themselves for even a few days, fad dieters will gain the weight back very quickly.

Fad diets do not teach healthy habits.

A safe, healthy weight loss program guides participants to make good choices for the rest of their lives. Healthy dieters accomplish this by turning balanced eating into a permanent habit. Not only are fad diets not sustainable; they fail to introduce dieters to healthy habits that are necessary for a lifetime of wellness.

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