Blog Posts in April, 2016

How a Physician Can Help You Overcome Obesity

Whether you are interested in losing weight to feel better about your appearance or to look and feel healthier, weight loss physicians throughout California can help you reach your weight loss goals. ...
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What Is the Role of Fat in a Healthy Diet?

Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins all have a place in a sustainable weight loss program. If you are interested in healthy weight loss in California, it’s important to know how fat can have both ...
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Fighting Back Against Emotional Weight Loss Barriers

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to overall wellness. If you’re struggling with losing weight in California, it’s vital to realize what emotional barriers may be ...
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All About LeanMD

Fad diets can provide weight loss results initially, but for most people, their weight creeps back up along with some additional pounds. If you’re looking for non-surgical weight loss throughout ...
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The Emotional Benefits of Weight Loss

When you are overweight or obese, not only does your health suffer, but your emotional wellness can suffer as well. Individuals looking for weight loss programs in San Ramon, Manteca, Brentwood, or ...
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