The Phases of Weight Loss

If you’re joining a weight loss program in San Ramon in the hopes of fast, healthy weight loss, you should be familiar with how the program works. Most effective weight loss programs utilize various phases, or stages, that guarantee safe, sustainable weight loss.

The first phase of any weight loss program is a nutrition and weight loss consultation with a weight loss physician. This physician will evaluate your health and take measurements of your body and weight. Next, you’ll set up weekly meetings with a mentor in the weight loss program.

Weight Loss Program San RamonIn your first meeting, you’ll develop a healthy diet plan and weight loss system that will help you meet your health and weight goals. You can opt for fresh meal plans that include real food and organic food to aid you in your weight loss program. A medically supported weight loss program can also offer you weight loss medications. Once you meet your ultimate weight loss goals, you’ll receive counseling on sustainable weight loss. Your weight loss program will offer you virtual weight monitoring, monthly visits with your mentor, and further nutrition and weight loss counseling options.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.