What Is the Link Between Weight Loss and Exercise?

It’s true that following low-calorie, organic meal plans under the supervision of a medical provider is the most effective way to reach your weight loss goals. However, exercise is also an important component of achieving sustainable weight loss in California. Consider talking to your weight loss mentor about developing an exercise routine that is right for you. Enjoy a combination of aerobic activities, such as bicycling and swimming, along with strength training exercises.

Developed Muscles

Along with a low-calorie meal plan comprised of fresh, real foods, exercise can help you lose weight by improving your muscle tone. Taking a yoga or Pilates class, using weight machines, or even carrying a toddler around can all contribute to improved strength. Your body will develop greater amounts of muscle tissue, which requires more calories to maintain. This means that even while you’re sitting still, you’ll burn more calories than you did before.

Increased Motivation

When you work with weight loss physicians to follow a diet plan that features real foods, rather than prepackaged diet foods, you’ll likely find that it is relatively easy to adhere to your program. However, everyone needs a little extra motivation now and then. By being physically active every day, you’ll likely find that you feel better overall. As a result, you may be more motivated to continue working toward your weight loss goals.

Stress Management

You’re likely to find that while you’re exercising, your mood is improved. This is because your body releases endorphins in response to exercise. An elevated mood is just one of the many tricks to achieving sustainable Weight Loss Californiaweight loss, particularly if you’re a so-called “stress eater,” or someone who turns to comfort food during periods of severe stress or sadness.

Weight Maintenance

When you do reach your weight loss goals, you may meet with a medical provider to discuss your transition to the weight maintenance phase. Typically, the weight maintenance phase of a diet program is a little less strict than the weight loss phase. However, it can still be challenging for some individuals to adhere to it closely. One way you can reduce the chances that you’ll regain some of the weight is by enjoying regular exercise.
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