Understanding Why Weight Loss Programs Fail and How to Find Success

Weight Loss ProgressionThere are countless weight loss programs available to choose from. Some of them claim that you can lost weight fast just by taking diet pills, while others instruct adherents to engage in intense exercise to the point of exhaustion. These extremes in weight loss programs may help participants lose a few pounds initially, but overall, they tend to fail. For sustainable weight loss in California, you’ll need a weight loss consultation with a medical provider.

Misjudging Caloric Intake

One common reason why weight loss programs tend to fail is that dieters often misjudge the number of calories they consume each day. A salad can easily turn into a calorie bomb simply by adding heavy dressing, croutons, bacon bits, cheese, or dried fruit. Beverages are another common culprit for hidden calories. A fancy coffee drink with whipped cream, sports drink, or alcoholic beverage may be hiding hundreds of calories.

Overestimating Caloric Burn

In addition to underestimating caloric intake, many dieters fail to achieve their weight loss goals because they are overly optimistic about the number of calories they burn. While exercise does help support weight loss, a structured diet program and the guidance of a physician are the key elements for success. Instead of staying in the gym for hours at a time, consider talking to a weight loss physician about designing a reasonable exercise program.

Experiencing Rebound Weight Gain

Rebound weight gain is something that many dieters dread. After following a short-term diet, such as a one-week “cleanse,” it’s not uncommon for individuals to find that they’ve gained back at least as much weight as they lost. Sometimes, rebound weight gain occurs because the diet only prompted the loss of water weight, rather than fat. Other times, dieters fall back into their old eating habits quickly once the diet is over.

Succeeding with Structured Programs

To prevent all of these common pitfalls, you can turn to weight loss physicians for guidance. A structured weight loss program that encourages you to eat real food and get reasonable amounts of exercise can help you reach your goals. Additionally, the best weight loss programs include a maintenance phase to support sustainable, long-term weight loss.

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