Why You Should Eat Real Food

Eating real food is a crucial part of any healthy, effective weight loss program. A diet that is centered around fresh, organic meal planning can help you achieve safe, fast weight loss. If you’re interested in losing weight in San Ramon, keep reading for more helpful nutrition and weight loss tips.

What is Real Food?

Real food is any fresh, non-processed, whole food that is a direct product of nature. This includes fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, dairy products, 100% whole wheat and whole grain products, wild-caught seafood, locally raised meats, all natural sweeteners, seeds, and nuts. Beverages should be limited to natural options without artificial sweeteners or added sugar, such as water, milk, coffee, tea, and natural juices. Wine and beer are fine in moderation.

How Eating Real Food Aids in Losing Weight

Limiting your intake of harmful preservatives, fat, and sugar will help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss. Fresh meals made with real food contain fewer calories, less fat, and more of the vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for a healthy diet. Weight loss physicians recommend healthy diet plans that include fresh, organic meals provide more effective fuel for your body, helping it run more efficiently. This increases your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories and lose more weight.

How to Avoid Processed Foods

Healthy Eating San RamonIt’s easy to avoid processed foods and choose real foods if you make some basic lifestyle changes. A weight loss physician can give you expert nutrition and weight loss advice, including valuable weight loss recipes, that will help you create healthy meal plans for the week that include fresh, organic foods. When buying groceries for your meal plan, read the ingredients label on any packaged food before you buy it. Buy whole grain bread from local bakeries, and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from your local farmer’s market. Avoid foods with preservatives, complicated ingredients, or that have high fructose corn syrup or other added sugars. Cook your meals yourself as often as possible.

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