How to Endure the Season of Candy and Comfort Foods...

The Autumnal Solstice is just around the corner and although it is a beautiful time of year, it can mean seasonal challenges with weight-loss or sustaining.

I used to love October for three reasons: Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, Pumpkin Muffins and Pumpkin Frozen Yoghurt. For some reason, I tend to get more cravings when the days become shorter and the typical foods become heartier.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do when the fall holiday season kicks-off is keep up with your LeanMD appointments and weigh-ins. As I always say, the accountability factor is a key component to success on LeanMD. In addition, whether it is in person or via phone, your LMD Mentor will be there to support you and provide great advice on how to get through various challenges.

I have finally learned that if I have a small set back eg; giving into a craving, I pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on the wagon right away. This way I don’t spiral out of control. Instead of wasting time “beating” myself up or feeling bad I have learned to be positive and move forward. I have also learned to “pay” for my slip-ups by doing some additional activity or adjusting my next meal by leaving a few bites on my plate.

Ten Strategies to Stay on Track

  1. Beverages – switching from cold beverages to warm decaf herbal teas or coffee
  2. Filling foods – low sodium soups and broths for appetizers or light meals and free veggies
  3. Exercise – when it is too cold to head to the gym, I will do an exercise class at home via DVD or digital download
  4. Halloween Candy Alternatives – I try to wait until the last minute to buy candy (I buy the kind I don’t like myself) or I hand out non-food items like glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets like these (paste link):
  5. Movies – the fall movie season is usually robust, so I try to bring my own healthy snacks to the theater. This keeps me away from the buttered popcorn and sugary snacks
  6. Up the Activity – Walks and Runs – October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and November is when we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday so checkout events like seasonal Turkey Trots in your area at (paste link):
  7. Healthier Pumpkin treats – I LOVE Pumpkin so I have come up with ways to incorporate a little bit into my diet; I add a couple of tablespoons to Greek Yoghurt with pumpkin spice and vanilla extract or I make a light version of a decaf pumpkin latte at home
  8. Non-food Activities – October is a great time for non-food related activities. I like hosting a costume party or an office/cube decorating contest at work. I also find it very fulfilling to volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter
  9. Pull out the old Halloween photos from when you were heavier – As they say “a picture speaks 1000 words!” This can be a compelling visual reminder of all the hard work you have done and how much better you feel today
  10. Enlist your Spouse or a Friend – sometimes it helps to have a “buddy” when you are feeling vulnerable. I have a difficult time managing nighttime snacking, so I might ask my husband to go on a short walk if I am struggling with the munchies
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