Manteca Manteca Weight Loss Program

1144 Norman Drive # 205
Manteca, CA 95336


Phone: (209) 474-1500

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Friday: By Appointment

Losing weight should be more than simply achieving a number on the scale—weight loss should encompass developing and maintaining healthy habits that allow you to sustain your goals for life. The effective weight loss program in Manteca offered by LeanMD includes medical guidance and support throughout the phases of weight loss, as well as nutritional counseling and guidelines you can use to shop for and create healthy meals right in your own home without the need to buy specialized weight loss foods. We will help you curb unhealthy behaviors and develop positive habits that will not only make losing weight easy and effective, but also ensure you keep the weight off once you’ve reached your goal.

  • Medical Weight Loss—The LeanMD weight loss program starts with your Care Team. This team consists of licensed medical providers and staff mentors who will help you develop and follow a personalized three-phase weight loss program tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want to lose just a little weight or shed significant pounds, our experienced staff will provide a comprehensive approach to healthy and safe weight loss that includes diet, exercise, behavioral modification, and pharmacotherapy.
  • Convenient Virtual Support—At LeanMD, you will never be alone on your weight loss journey. Our staff is pleased to offer convenient and effective weight loss support through tools such as remote weight monitoring via our web–based LeanMD Wireless e–Scale, virtual appointments to ensure you receive the help you need when it’s most convenient, and physical and mental support during each phase of your weight loss program.
  • Meal Planning Tools—LeanMD’s weight loss diet consists of real foods and real recipes you can create on your own with ingredients purchased from your local supermarket. We’ll provide you with the guidance you need to shop smarter, cook leaner, and develop healthy eating behaviors that will set the stage for weight loss and weight maintenance. Our meal planning tools also include tips and strategies to help you when you’re traveling, eating out, or attending social gatherings.
  • Physician-Guided Weight Maintenance—Throughout your weight loss journey, LeanMD will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain your goals once you’ve reached them. The final phase of our weight loss program is maintenance; you’ll continue to work and check in with your Care Team in the weeks and months following your weight loss to keep you motivated, positive, and on track. Our weight maintenance support includes remote weight monitoring, continuing education and support strategies for tough or tempting situations, and regular check-ins with our staff each month.

LeanMD Manteca is located at the corner of Norman Dr. and Spreckles Ave., in the same building as Stockton Cardiology Medical. We are open Monday through Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.; we are also available Fridays by appointment to accommodate your busy schedule.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.