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Boulder Endocrinology
892 W. South Boulder Rd.
Louisville, CO 80027

Phone: (303) 586-5200

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Friday: 8:00am - 3:30pm

Catering to endocrine disorders of all kinds is Louisville, CO-based Boulder Endocrinology. Providing world-class care and facilities, this healthcare center treats disorders such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, pituitary issues, adrenal issues, hormonal imbalances, and more. Through the guidance of endocrinologists Dr. Christopher R. Fox, Dr. Vinaya Kamanth, and Dr. James Oberwetter, Boulder Endocrinology not only aims to assist you with all things to do with your endocrine system, but to also help you lose weight.

By following the LeanMD system, the team at Boulder Endocrinology can help you lose those extra pounds safely and effectively. You can look to drop up to five pounds each week! Combining a deep knowledge of medical protocols, nutritional principles, and technology, the LeanMD system is a highly sustainable weight loss solution. The program includes:

  • Comprehensive support

  • No liquid diets or prepackaged food

  • Empowering tools and training

  • Extreme convenience

  • Real, fresh food

  • Evidence-based nutrition

No two programs look exactly alike. Each program is tailored to your specifications, taking your medical history into account. We can even treat patients who have preexisting conditions and will help you get in a healthier state. Some of our patients have even been able to reduce their medication as a result of their weight loss. Get in touch with us today if you are looking to shed extra pounds. We are happy to be a part of your health journey!

Lose weight with Boulder Endocrinology today! Call us now.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.