5 Tips for Stocking Up On Healthy Food

Grocery shopping can be a help or hindrance to your weight loss goals. With these five tips, you’ll find it easier to stock your pantry and fridge with healthy food – and save money in the process!

  1. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach. Don’t wait until right before dinner to grocery shop. When you’re hungry, the bargain-priced candy and cheese dip on the end-of-aisle displays become an overwhelming temptation. To keep your willpower up, shop for groceries right after eating a fiber- and protein-rich snack or meal.
  2. Come with a shopping list in hand. When you plan meals in advance, you arrive at the grocery store with a game plan in mind. This makes it easier to forgo unhealthy processed foods for the sake of convenience. A shopping list also helps you save money if you vow not to sway from the items you’ve written down.
  3. Buy in-season produce and keep it fresher longer. A fresh food diet isn’t complete without an array of fruits and vegetables. In fact, these should make up the bulk of your shopping cart. However, the problem with produce is that it doesn’t keep as well as other foods. The key is to buy the freshest fruits and veggies possible and store them in ways that maintain their freshness.
  4. Buy pantry staples in bulk. Some pantry items have a shelf life of several months or even years, so buy them in bulk to save money. These include dried beans, nuts and dried fruits. You can even buy perishable items in bulk when they go on sale and throw them in the freezer to use later. Chicken breasts, ground beef, fish freeze well.
  5. Have groceries delivered. Despite your best efforts to only shop on a full stomach and bring a strict shopping list with you, there’s always a risk you’ll succumb to $.50 donuts or frozen pizzas that are “buy one get one free.” However, if you have groceries delivered, you eliminate the temptation to impulse buy. You’ll have a small delivery fee tacked onto the bill, but avoiding those extra sugars and carbs from tempting sales is well worth it!

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