Weight Maintenance: 6 Tips to Keep the Pounds Off

There are three weight loss phases. Phase one is to lose weight. Phase two is the transition to a new, sustainable calorie intake and exercise level. Phase three is to keep the pounds off permanently. You’ve lost weight and completed phase one – now keep the pounds off for good with these weight maintenance tips.

  • Remember what’s really important. You must find an internal drive to maintain your weight loss, or the temptations at holiday parties, on vacations and during social gatherings will be too strong. Think about the real reasons you want to keep the weight off, such as being around to watch your grandkids grow up.
  • Learn new coping mechanisms. If stress drives you to eat, it’s time to learn new ways to manage emotional situations. Try out different techniques to see what works for you. Some suggestions include going for a walk, doing yoga or calling up a friend to talk about what’s bothering you.
  • Remain accountable. Make sure your friends and family know about your weight maintenance goals, so they don’t pressure you into eating dessert at the next get-together. You should also continue checking in with your LeanMD Mentor to ensure you’re staying on track.
  • Keep your screen time in check. The hours you spend parked in front of your computer, TV, phone or tablet tend to be idle time, which often turns into snack time. Its also proven that the blue light from your TV, cellphone, tablets etc can interrupt your sleep patterns – which can make you crave more bread based carbs. Challenge yourself to no more than an hour or two of watching TV or surfing the web per day, especially if you tend to eat while doing these activities.
  • Keep the scale handy. Continue to weigh yourself regularly, even after you reach your target weight. If the number is higher than you would like, make slight adjustments to bring it back down, such as adding five minutes to your exercise routine or skipping dessert more often. At LeanMD we recommend that you weigh yourself weekly. If you are having challenges, contact us to rebalance.
  • Get back on the wagon when you fall off. Weight maintenance is a marathon, not a sprint. When vacations, holidays and stressful life events make you trip and fall, don’t get discouraged. Think of it as a learning experience, and get back on track with your regular diet and exercise routine as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

LeanMD can help you during all phases of your weight loss journey. In fact, our weight maintenance program is specifically geared toward helping you avoid future weight gain. This is different from other medical weight loss programs that abandon you as soon as you reach your goal. We help you keep going strong with our remote body composition scale, the LeanMD fit band and our new mobile app. Monthly check-ins and continued nutritional education ensure you don’t see a relapse in your hard-earned progress.

To see how LeanMD can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, please contact a mentor near you in California, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana or Oregon.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.