The Key to Safe, Rapid Weight Loss

When you think about what rapid weight loss looks like, you might picture starvation and crash dieting. However, these techniques aren’t just ineffective – they can also be unsafe.

The key to rapid yet safe weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat. When you do this properly, it’s possible to see results quite quickly. Here are the steps you should take.

Eat Fresh Food, Not Processed Food

Some weight loss programs promise fast results, but you have to eat unappetizing diet food. This isn’t necessary! All you need to do is cut out prepackaged processed food and replace it with fresh, nutritious food.

At LeanMD, we recommend an evidence based/proven program the includes Real Foods, so soups, bars or prepackaged foods. And guess what, you get to keep great flavors in the foods you eat or want to cook.

If recipes like Mango and Paprika Pork Chops, Spicy Thai Chicken Salad, and Herbed Turkey Burgers sound appetizing, then LeanMD has the rapid weight loss program you’re looking for!

Consider Appetite Suppressants

When the situation calls for it, the physicians at LeanMD may prescribe appetite suppressants to curb your cravings and speed up weight loss. Our FDA-approved offerings work by increasing serotonin or catecholamine, chemicals in the brain that affect appetite. By altering these chemicals, you feel satiated after eating smaller portions and don’t crave unhealthy foods that delay your rapid weight loss goals.

Consider Dietary Supplements

Restricting your caloric intake may lead to vitamin deficiencies in some areas. To ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs, we may recommend trying our patented supplements specially formulated to support successful, safe weight loss.

Exercise Daily

Your goal each day should be to use up more calories than you ingest. This means with the right dietary changes, exercise may not be necessary. However, increasing your physical activity has some distinct health benefits, including speeding up the weight loss process, increasing strength and muscle mass, and improving your endurance. The LeanMD team can help you develop an exercise plan that’s right for your capabilities and weight loss goals.

Enroll in a Medically Supported Weight Loss Program

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. That’s why the medical professionals at LeanMD are here to help you customize a safe weight loss and exercise plan to meet your body’s precise needs. By joining a physician-supervised weight loss program, you can expect to see faster results and stay focused on your goals.

We make weight loss more convenient than ever with virtual weight loss support. Report your weight and body composition remotely with our wireless e-scale; use the LeanMD fit band to monitor your daily activity level; and log into our mobile app to keep your goals on track.

To get started down the path to rapid, safe weight loss, please contact a LeanMD Mentor near you in California, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana or Oregon.

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*Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.